Our job at CANARY is to take your insurance idea, calculate the appropriate price, and get it approved by the regulators so you can start selling ASAP. Designing or revising an insurance product is tricky – you might know how much you can sell it for, but how much will it cost to underwrite? Sometimes the actuarial cost of the idea exceeds what the market will pay for it.

We help you design your insurance product to achieve the perfect balance between cost and marketability. We work with all stakeholders (company management, actuaries, sales agents, regulators) to ensure everyone is comfortable with the final product.

We also review your existing insurance product, suggest actuarial rate revisions based on your data and make the necessary Rate and Form filings.


CANARY Consulting is an actuarial insurance consulting firm focused on delivering actuarial services to the Property & Casualty insurance industry. CANARY has a unique approach to insurance product development and filing – it takes a specialized set of skills to bring a profitable insurance product to market.

Typical insurance filing teams consist of a mixed bag of actuaries, compliance specialists, and administrative staff – none of these roles individually can carry an insurance product from initial design to approval. Every analyst at CANARY is recruited and trained specifically for the actuarial product development process from start to finish, thereby maximizing the speed of your product to market.

Actuarial Consulting Services


  • Base Rate Development
  • Predictive Models for Ratemaking
  • Rate and Rule Manual Design
  • Actuarial Rate Level Analysis

Product Development

  • Policy Form & Rate Manual Development
  • SERFF Rate & Form Filing Preparation and Submission
  • Competitor and Market Research

Lines of Business

  • Commercial & Personal Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Pet Insurance
  • Cyber Risk
  • Workers Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Title Insurance
  • Professional Liability
  • Businessowners Insurance (BOP)

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